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Meet Lynda.

“I’ve seen the company go through so many changes and challenges to where we are now”

This #INWED2023 we’re shining a spotlight on some of the inspirational females working for us at the Shepley Group, helping us to build a legacy of excellence. Meet Lynda Bailie, Office Manager at Shepley Engineers. Learn more about what drove her to engineering and her advice to other females who are looking at it as a potential career option.

How or why did you choose your career path?

It chose me! Dad had a job offer and the family moved to Cumbria from Hyde, Cheshire in 1980. In August 1980 I was offered a job as a junior clerk at Shepley Engineers we were then based at Leconfield Estate in Cleator Moor. I moved to our Sellafield Site Offices in July 1982, we had 1 site manager and 10 operatives!


I have progressed to Group Administration Manager. As a company we have obviously changed massively since then and I’ve seen the company go through so many changes and challenges to where we are now.


I’ve worked on our Construction sites for various Site Managers and Directors (I’ve seen Apprentices become Directors). The company as a Group progresses and spots the potential in people provides the training and support they need and over the last couple of years we have employed a greater number of female apprentices, and will continue to do so., let’s hope they progress into Project Engineering, in the future.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the workplace?

I was based on Sellafield until moving to our Lillyhall offices in March 2019, which was a challenge and a big decision to leave our site offices after 37 years. The company has gone through some major changes over the years. Whilst I still deal with all aspects of Sellafield personnel, I have many other responsibilities, but wouldn’t have it any other way, I thrive being busy.


Dealing with this aspect of the job, as Sellafield has changed so much over the years, it’s now more or less a full-time job in ensuring all our employees are compliant and Security Clearances are kept up-to-date especially with the numbers of operatives and staff as a group we now employ. We now have Hinkley Point C who have their own security detail which I also deal with. It’s a challenge every day the amount of detail coming through to keep employees clearance levels processed and up to date., also deal with our sub-contractors on a daily basis.


I am a point of contact for help and advice to all our Female Apprentices should they need it. I’ll continue to support everyone both professionally and personally, as the experience and knowledge I have over the years is invaluable and being approachable anyone knows if they need help or advice it’s “ring Lynda”. Honestly every day is different day to day, that one email can change what you have planned to do that day.

What would you say to girls in school who may be considering engineering as a career choice?

Go for it, the opportunities we have for mechanical and electrical trades are varied. I say to all our apprentices, the Shepley Group are one of the best companies to work for, the training opportunities are there, and talent rises to the top, stick with it, it’s probably one of the best career opportunities you’ll ever have.

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