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Powering Britain to net-zero.

We are currently engaged in helping to build a new age of nuclear power stations and power Britain towards carbon neutrality. The first nuclear power station to be built for 20 years, Hinkley Point C will see low-carbon electricity delivered to 6 million homes.

Britain’s Need for Nuclear.

In just a few years, many of the UK’s power stations are expected to close. If they are not replaced, there might not be enough British electricity supply to meet the demand. With energy bills expected to soar, it is important to meet that transition now.

Working with EDF, Bouygues and more, we are committed to helping secure the UK’s energy future with low emissions and affordability at the forefront. We are currently engaged at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, and campaigning for Government funding of Sizewell C, Suffolk, to continue and bolster a green revolution to power Britain to Net-Zero

Cutting Carbon, Building Britain.

Nuclear power stations make an important contribution to electricity supply, reliably generating low-carbon electricity and saving the UK 2.3B tonnes of CO2, far more than any other energy source.

Nuclear power is the most affordable large-scale, low-carbon energy source currently available to the UK. 1kg of uranium can release 3,000,000 times more energy than 1kg of coal.

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