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Meet Megan.

“The individuals I work alongside with everyday are also the people who inspire me. I really admire when you look at how individuals have progressed through the ranks and it really motivates me knowing that if you want to progress in the company, it is achievable.”

This #INWED2023 we’re shining a spotlight on some of the inspirational females working for us at the Shepley Group, helping us to build a legacy of excellence. Meet Megan Kearney, a Trainee Project Manager at Shepley Engineers. Learn more about what drove her to engineering and her advice to other girls who are looking at it as a potential career option.

How or why did you choose your career path?

Once I achieved my A Levels, I decided to go to university and study Business Management. I knew business was a versatile subject that could open a lot of doors for me, and it was a subject I always enjoyed at school.
During my degree I was required to complete 2 work experience placements, which helped me decide that I wanted to go down the engineering route. In my second year at university, I joined Shepley on a 6-week placement which provided me with the hands-on experience I needed to make my career
choices. Once I completed my degree, I was lucky enough to be invited back to work for Shepley full time which was fantastic.


I completed my Business Management degree at Leeds University and last year gained my Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ). I am currently working towards becoming a qualified Project Manager and have been in my current role for the last 16 months.

What does a typical day in your job involved?

I have been working on the PPP THORP to SRP Steam Line for the past year. This was the first project I had worked on from the start. Over the past year I have been part of the pre-engineering works, through to fabrication and manufacture to now installing the Steamline. I enjoy the challenge of working to time, cost, and quality constraints. There are many challenges to overcome during a project some of which cannot be expected. It is rewarding working as a team to achieve an end goal this gives a great sense of achievement.

What inspires you?

Being challenged is one of the biggest things that inspires me. Sometimes the best way to learn is being thrown in at the deep end. I think life is full of uncertainty whether that’s at home or at work and being pushed beyond your comfort zone is the best way to learn.

The individuals I work alongside with everyday are also the people who inspire me. There are so many talented individuals who work in the company who have years of experience and know their jobs inside out. This is something which I really admire when you look at how different individuals have progressed through the ranks it really motivates me knowing that if you want to progress in the company, it is achievable.

How have you progressed since joining the Company?

In 2019 I graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Business Management and began my full-time employment. Over the last two years I worked closely with Dave Henderson. Where I learnt a lot about the types of work Shepley Group are involved in and how the socio-economic work that we do impacts our local community.


In 2022 I became a Trainee Project Manager. I have always taken an interest in the types of projects we are involved in and wanted to expand on this knowledge. Since becoming a trainee I have completed various training courses which have been very beneficial in helping me progress into my new role.

What would you say to girls in school who may be considering engineering as a career choice?

To any females who were considering going into the engineering industry I would say go for it. It is a fantastic industry to work in there are so many aspects which are overlooked. Having a career in engineering also does not limit you to a single location as there are so many opportunities in the UK and worldwide. The Engineering industry it is a great step for any career, you are guaranteed to learn and develop many skills that will help you in your personal and professional life.

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