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Magnox Facility Decommissioning and Demolition

The ‘Magnox’ production facilities have all ceased operation, and the redundant fuel manufacturing and assembly facilities at Springfields are being progressively decommissioned and demolished.

Shepley Engineers were required to prepare the plant into a safe and stable state for decommissioning works. This included carrying out electrical and mechanical isolations, removal of any residual remaining materials (Uranium Ore Concentrate, Uranyl Nitrate, Tri-UraniumOctoxide) from process vessels, and pre-decommissioning operations such as vacuuming plant and equipment, and wiping surfaces to remove visible loose contamination.

As part of the works, it required the removal of a significant amount of asbestos, as well as cleaning all items of plant and equipment, and secondary cleaning of dismantled items by dry vacuuming or jet-washing.

The final demolition of all buildings and substructures down to slab level was subcontracted to Bradley Demolition, with a total plant area spanning 12,000m². Bradley Demolition run their demolition fleet on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), a completely renewable diesel alternative, reducing CO2 levels by around 90%. They also use water mist jets to reduce the amount of dust produced during the demolition phase.

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