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FLOC Retrievals

The FLOC Retrievals Project is aimed at facilitating the retrieval of flocs (an intermediate level waste) from the holding tanks to the storage tanks. It is anticipated that the current holding tanks will continue to degrade. CNSL have been engaged to design, manufacture, inactively test, install & commission a system which will be used by SL operatives to retrieve and transfer the flocs from one tank to another using the vacuum retrieval technology.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic the LAETP FLOC Retrievals Project has continued to progress well throughout this difficult period. We were faced with many challenges due to national lockdowns which impacted our supply chain massively.

The project currently has multiple work areas progressing and minor design packages to complete early in 2021.

CNSL have faced many challenges outside their control. For example, the American supplier who owned the design of the Hose in Hose system was unable to meet the required quality standards. This required the team to start again from scratch during the pandemic. The team developed a new Hose in Hose design, and this innovative piece of work has the potential for huge cost savings across the wider nuclear estate.

The team then re-opened one of the Rig Halls at the James Fisher Nuclear facility in Egremont to erect a trial rig.

All major plant and equipment will be delivered to the facility for Integrated Works Testing (IWT). The IWT trials will prove the design, aid commissioning & ensure SL operatives are familiar with the working of the system prior to site installation.

The integrated project team are continuing to progress with the PMP production, Crane Statements, Waste Management Plans, Commissioning Plans and all other associated documents that are required to make the project a success.

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